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How To Handle Payday Loans

Payday loans are not really that bad. Sometimes, getting help is something that people need. So if you feel like you are in need of something like a payday loan, then don’t feel bad. Read along a get a thing or two about them..If you’ve been scammed or ripped of by some loan agency, it is advisable to go viral and let it be known to the internet. While there’s a slight chance of you getting your money back, you will be helping others avoid falling into the same trap..Unless it’s really needed, never extend your payday loans. Interest rates are very high for these types of loans and it may be difficult to pay it off once extended. Payday loans are intended as short term solutions only.If you somehow feel that a payday loan is not doing their job as agreed, don’t hesitate to report them. There are a lot of great loan companies, but a lot of scammers or fakes are also growing its numbers. Reporting such incidents to state agency can help prevent these fake loan agencies to grow.For starters, never lie on your loan application. Lying – though tempting if you’re desperate to get your loans approved or a higher loan amount – is in fact considered a fraud, where in you will be charged criminally for.Never try to avoid paying back a loan by closing your account where the check is linked to. Doing so can make you held accountable for extremely high interest and fees. As well as getting you into a legal mess.On the other side, once you’ve been treated illegally by your loan agency, Make sure a complaint will be filed legally as well. The loan provider will just be free to continue its operations until a complaint has been filed. Some may even resort to violence just to get their money back from borrowers.If you find yourself always needing a payday loan to get the day by, better check on your spending habits. Payday loans are very close to loan sharking, in a legal way. They should only be your last resort for emergencies. But even so, there are still better options.And as always, numerous calls from your loan company should be expected. Information you provide should be verified by them and that means they will be contacting you. They need to talk to you in person before approving the loan. Therefore, make sure the number you provided is right and is the number you always use personally or at work. The longer they get to contact you, the longer the approval will be as well.Now that you have a better knowledge about dealing with these types of loans you should now be more confident and smart about getting one. Not having a clear understanding about how these loans work is usually the reason why a lot of people don’t get their loans approved. But now you can make a more informed and wise decision.

Gravity and Spirituality – The Two Universal Laws Discovered by Men

It is said that Newton was sitting under an apple tree when he saw an apple falling on the ground. Before him, billions of people must have seen an apple falling on the ground but they might have considered it too natural to pay any attention to such events. However, Newton on seeing the apple falling thought that there must be some cause for this event. He then noticed that every single thing falls on Earth as earth attracts everything towards it and this led to the discovery of gravity. He subsequently found that the force due to gravity applies on every single mass and he gave the universal law of gravitation that is equally valid for the micro world of atom to the macro world of universe.The simple discovery of gravity has changed the destiny of the man as Newton discovered many important laws simply by observing the cause and effect and a new branch of knowledge called science was born which formulated the natural laws of the material things based on cause and effect..Even after the tremendous progress made by science post the discovery of gravity, no one really knows the source of gravity. While earlier scientists suspected that gravity must by in the form of waves like electromagnetic waves, Einstein proved that gravity is due to curvature of space-time continuum. He also ruled out gravitational waves as he established by his General Theory of Relativity which established that the forces of the attraction due to gravity is exactly the same as the attraction due to acceleration of the moving bodies in space.Thus even though, scientists are not sure what causes gravity but they know that it exists and it can be measured and defined.The Universal Law of SpiritualityMany thousands years before Newton, men discovered another universal law of nature whose source is not yet known fully to man.This law is called “spirituality”.This law was revealed by Jesus in one of his first sermonIt is written. “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Mathew 4:4)What comes from the mouth of God is spirituality as it is believed in Christianity that Holy Spirit represents the Trinity of God. Thus God is the source of spirituality just like mass of the particle is the source of gravity. From thousands of years, people believed God though none had seen God because they could see the effect and the effect is always the due to a cause.Thought a true understanding of God still eludes man, yet men have realized the omnipresence of a force that attract all people and indeed all creatures towards each other. The existence of love, compassion, justice, sympathy, empathy does establish the presence of God that is present in every single creature of the universe as Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you.The Manifestations of SpiritualityIt is the greatest truth of the world that we feel pain when we see pain in others as if the person is connected with us through some invisible chord. This feeling is so natural that when we see such pain even in movies or even in fiction, we can’t stop our tears. Even when an animal is slaughtered before our eyes, we tend to close our eyes as we can’t escape from the pain of an animal. The feeling of pain is real as if the same pain is induced on us rather than on the other being.Similar is the concept of justice. Whenever we see injustice against any individual, we simply can not withstand it. It is well known fact that whenever, a powerful man humiliates a weak man, people resists such injustice and support the man who is weak. The only exception is when we are not independent as either we are ourselves the tormentor of the tormentor is one whom we love.This law of love for another person is so common that people often call it humanism or humanism and they extend the meaning of humanity even beyond the human beings. Thus even the killing of innocent animals is often called “inhuman”. It is because; the most natural desire of man is to become “humane” by showing love and kindness to all creatures.And this law of humanity is same as the laws of spirituality extended in the domain of human race.The Attractive Force of SpiritualityJust like every material object feels attracted toward another material and the force is proportional to the mass of the object, every human being feels the attraction towards a more spiritual person. A person who is more spiritual attracts other people with a stronger force just like the heavy mass of earth attracts every single matter towards it with higher force.Buddha explained this law of nature in the following words”Even those who, by their evil karma have been born in low degree, when they a virtuous man, feel reverence for him.” (The Gospel of Buddha : XXV 15)He further explains this universality of law”This truth (Spirituality) is not for hermit alone; it concerns every human being, priests and layman alike. There is no distinction between the monk who has taken the vows, and the man of the world living with his family.” (The Gospel of Buddha : XXV 28)The Causes of EvilIt is most natural to question the universal law of spirituality on the ground that if it is natural for man to be spiritual, why there are so much hatred and evil in the world. This truth was symbolically explained in Bible when the Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil against the will of God.The cause of all evils in the world lies in the improper knowledge of good and evil in the world. Men defined good and termed everything that was opposite to their concept of Good as Evil. Instead of understanding the good and evil are complementary to each other and two sides of the same coin, they sought to make a world that has only goodness as defined by them. This attempt was as foolish as believing that a world with only light (day) would be better than the world which has both light (day) and darkness (night).In reality the night is as important as day.It can be easily observed that cause of all hatred and injustice in this world is due to our fault in understanding good and evil. For example, the religious leaders defined people following other religions as evil and all Gods except their own God as false.The concept of nationalism taught the man that it was the duty of the man to fight for their nation and defeat the (people of) the other nations. The concept of Imperialism gave some chosen people the right to rule other people. The concept of racism made the people of some races superior to others without any valid reason. The followers of communism became the enemy of democracy and freedom.Behind every evil there is a man-made concept of good and evil as the good of one man is often the evil of another man. This has caused all the wars and conflicts in the world as the man devoid of spirituality find no common truth in all ideologies and consider it their duty to fight for their ideology and defeat the other ideologies.Yet love, justice, humanity, compassion have always survived as spirituality is eternal and the most universal law of the universe.The Truth of Spirituality
Spirituality is the biggest truth of the world. Yet it is impossible to be defined as spirituality is matter of self-realization. A person automatically becomes spiritual once he breaks away from the man made laws and seeks to discover the universal laws that exist in every religion and philosophy. This stage of the man is often called Enlightenment since the light of truth emerges from within due to knowing the truth directly from experience.

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